8 frame colony of bees

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Rooftop Bees has a limited number of established 8 frame hives for sale with Spring 2021 queens. The bees will be ready for collection from the apiary in Duffys Forest of they can be brought to Roseville Chase. 

Your 8 frame hive will include:

  • Mated Italian queen 
  • 5 frames of brood of various age - eggs, larvae and capped brood
  • 2 frames of pollen and honey
  • 1 frame of drawn comb for the colony to grow into

All queens will be checked over one brood cycle before being handed over. 

Bees come from a disease free apiary of productive and calm Apis Millifera honey bees. Queens are selected based on good genetics displaying hygiene, productive, disease resistant, docile temperament traits. 

Commercial beekeeping licence no. N5514

You must provide your beekeeping license number in order to purchase. You will be notified of the collection date following your purchase. Inspections are welcome and encouraged. Photos of your bees can be provided if inspections are not possible. 

Price is for frames and bees only. You will need to drop off your hive (base, box, spare frames, lid, entrance reducer, strap) to an agreed location so that the bees can be placed directly into your hive.