Custom Made Timber Langstroth Hive - 8 Frame

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Custom made timber langstroth 8 frame hive using salvaged Macrocarpa (Monterey Cypress) timber from CERES Fair Wood in Melbourne. 

Expertly crafted by local wood turner and beekeeper, these are unique one of a kind boxes to make your hive stand out in your backyard. 


1x 8 Frame Waxed Dipped Ventilated Mesh Base with Inspection Tray 

2 x 8 Frame Custom Made Timber Langstroth Full Depth Boxes

1 x 8 Frame Inner Cover with Ventilation

1 x 8 Frame Gable Roof

Option to add 16 Wired and Waxed assembled frames for $128.

We recommend applying our Beeswax Hive Rub to protect and nourish the timber before installing with bees.