We're shouting free seeds to celebrate National Tree Day

Sunday 31st July is National Tree Day. Rooftop Bees has teamed up with Shouta® to shout free seeds to help revegetate our native flora and take care of our planet.

National Tree Day

What is National Tree Day?

Planet Ark's National Tree Day started in 1996 and has grown into Australia's largest community tree planting and nature care event. Co-founded by Olivia Newton-John and Planet Ark, the annual event is a call to action for all Australians to plant a tree and give back to Mother Nature.

Why is it important?

As urban beekeepers, trees are critical to providing bees, pollinators and native fauna with food, habitats and resources in order the thrive and build healthy and balanced ecosystems. 

Furthermore, data from the Centre for Urban Research at RMIT University and Greener Spaces Better Places, shows that more than half of Sydney’s councils have lost urban forest cover since 2013, and experts warn that suburbs lacking sufficient trees may become unliveable. Trees are natural carbon sequesters - meaning they absorb and capture carbon from our atmosphere. So there are many important reasons we need to continue to plant trees and look after our natural environment.

How can you get involved?

There are hundreds of local councils, schools, community and environmental groups, and businesses across Australia running events which you can find here. But if you can't get along to one of these events, you can still make a positive impact at any time to show your commitment to the environment. To help get your green thumb, we've teamed up with Shouta® who are generously giving away seedling shouts to the value of $5 to make your very own seed bombs at home. Read on to find out how!

What is Shouta®?

Shouta logo

Shouta® is an Australian first nano-gifting® App that lets you shout anyone a gift as a token of your thoughts. In Shouta®, you can send and receive shouts (nano-gifts®) like coffee, drinks and now seedlings! 

To claim your free seedling shout, click here and submit your details and you'll get sent a link to download the Shouta App. The Seedling shout consists of $5 in credit, loaded onto a digital, prepaid Shouta Mastercard. Terms and Conditions apply.

How to make a seed bomb

Check out our video tutorial on how to make a seed bomb. Full step-by-step instructions are below. 

What you'll need

  • Potting mix, compost or fertiliser
  • Clay based soil
  • Seeds (we suggest natives)
  • Water 
  • A bowl

1. Mix
Put the soil and clay in a mixing bowl, then add the seeds. Mix thoroughly. Carefully add a little water, mixing thoroughly with each addition. Aim for a dough-like consistency that's easy to mould by hand.

2. Roll
Break off small chunks of dough and roll them into golf ball-sized bombs. This size reduces the amount of seed used, the bombs crumble more reliably, and it reduces competition between seedlings for water, food and sunlight. Dusting bombs with powdered sulphur before drying helps deter pests.

3. Dry
As moisture encourages seeds to germinate, the next step is to quickly dry the bombs without harming the seed in the process. Dry bombs on a warm, sunny, well-ventilated windowsill. Regularly turning the seed bombs assists drying. Alternatively, use a thermostatically controlled electric food dryer, set on a low temperature. A dryer is useful for making large batches.

4. Store
Seed bombs can be stored for a year and sown all year round.
Trees are a gift to our planet and ourselves. They support life on earth and provide humans with the air we breathe.

... And if you're too lazy to make seed bombs (we won't judge!)

Check out this awesome video using an old parmesan cheese shaker filled with native seeds that is used to spread seeds all along the nature strips in your local area.