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Make an impact. Bring bees to your workplace.

Bring your sustainability to life

Demonstrate your organisation's commitment to sustainability in a unique, meaningful and rewarding way. You'll be making a tangible impact on the environment that your organisation, community and stakeholders will be interested in and passionate about. Our program can also support your green building and wellness certification initiatives.

Create a connected community

Bees strengthen a community's connection to nature and the environment. They spark a natural curiosity which unites the community with a purpose and mission. Our bees and programming helps create workplaces where people are proud and happy to work with a positive focus not only on the environment but the overall health and wellness of its community.

Be part of something bigger

By hosting beehives on your property, you are joining a global movement to help save the bees. Bees help highlight bigger sustainability and environmental issues and challenges. Bees are the catalyst for change and positive action. They inspire people and organisations to do better and do more for the environment and its people.

Hassle-free beekeeping. Leave it to the experts.

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STEP 1: Book an assessment

Get in touch to schedule a meeting at your site with one of our experts.

STEP 2: Tailor a plan

We’ll guide you through our services and help you determine a beekeeping package that fits your needs and the specifics of your location. 

STEP 3: Get your bees

Once the plan is in place, we will schedule the installation of your beehives and the season will begin.

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