About Us

Hi there, 

I'm John. I'm an urban beekeeper but I'm not what you would consider a "typical" beekeeper. I spent 15 years in corporate jobs in senior roles but I always knew that an office job wasn't for me. Then the bees showed me the way. 

I had wanted to keep bees for several years but put it off as we were just starting out our family. The idea of putting 50,000 bees in our suburban backyard with young children and a dog didn't sit well with my wife (understandably!) Standing in the backyard one day, I looked up at the garage roof and that was the start of Rooftop Bees. 

I joined my local bee club and attended one of their open days. I was hooked. I enrolled in beginners beekeeping course and a few months later I purchased my first beehive.


"we're not saving the bees, the bees are saving us" (anonymous).


Being the custodian of bees is a great honour. There are so many powerful lessons we can learn from bees. People young and old are always amazed when I speak to them about bees. My mission is to share the wonder of bees with as many people as possible. Bees keep us grounded. Bees strengthen a community's connection to nature. Bees highlight bigger sustainability and environmental issues and challenges. Bees are the catalyst for change.

I look forward to sharing the wonderful world of bees with your organisation. 

Happy beekeeping!

JohnFamily Portrait