Corporate Beekeeping Service


Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and the environment whilst simultaneously powering employee engagement and wellness programs. 

Rooftop Bees Corporate Beekeeping Service


The most versatile and rewarding workplace initiative. 

Bees and pollinators are in decline across the globe. Organisations big and small can make an impact by bringing bees to your workplace. Hosting bees opens up a world of interesting and engaging opportunities across various areas of your business. From driving sustainability initiatives, conducting team building workshops, to connecting with your various community groups, bees have the power to drive change. 

Safety and compliance is our priority.

Our fully outsourced beekeeping service allows organisations to safely and responsibly bring bees to your building or campus. We will conduct a site assessment to ensure your workplace is suitable to host bees. We'll then advise you on workplace health and safety policies and procedures that need to be updated or implemented. All of our hives are registered with the NSW Department of Industries under our commercial beekeeping license. We will notify the authorities of the installation of your new beehives and manage them according to the Biosecurity Code of Conduct. 

All of our beekeepers are experienced and trained to the strictest standards of beekeeping. We practice the barrier system to mitigate the transfer of pest and disease between beehives. 

Every beekeeper is first aid trained and carries a first aid kit with an epipen. 

We are covered by $20m public liability insurance.

What's included:

  • Initial site assessment

  • Beehive made from sustainably sourced and recycled timber

  • A colony of docile honey bees Apis Mellifera

  • A new season mated queen with marking for easier identification

  • Monthly maintenance visits and health checks

  • Detailed inspection reports

  • Guided experiences and workshop programming

  • Dedicated community manager to coordinate site visits and programming

  • 100% of the raw honey from your hives

  • Replacement colonies provided at no cost

  • All personal protection equipment (PPE) for participants

  • Full insurance with Certificate of Insurance (COI) available 

  • Dedicated customer support

  • Registered and trained beekeepers with NSW Department of Primary Industry

  • Best practice Barrier Management System to prevent transfer of pest and disease from other apiary sites


We're committed to creating long-term sustainable outcomes for both our corporate partners and the bees and their habitats. We'd love you to be part of that journey.


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