School Education Program

Rooftop Bees runs specially designed bee educational workshops and experiences for children. These unique, fun, and engaging sessions provide children with a practical understanding of bees, their role in the environment, and the products derived from beekeeping. 

The sessions are specially designed to suit the respective age group of the children and we can tailor specific learning outcomes on consultation with teachers prior to the session. 

All sessions provide an introduction to the amazing world of bees and feature a range of practical hands-on components to create a unique hands-on, interactive, engaging and sensory experience. 

We also have an observation hive which can be safely brought into the classroom to show real working bees! 

Early Learning Program

Sessions for early learning centres and kindergartens are presented in a way that young children will enjoy and understand, with a focus on interactive, tactile activities and just enough intriguing information to foster a sense of wonder in the natural living world.

We talk about bees and their role in the ecosystem and showcase a variety of beekeeping equipment, including protective clothing, a bee smoker, and bee products such as beeswax wraps, candles and honey. The children will get to sample a range of honeys to understand how flavours and colours are affected by the seasons and flora. 

With the school's permission, an observation can be brought into the classroom to safely show children the inner workings of a beehive. Each participant will receive a take home goody bag including a small jar of honey. The session lasts for approximately 45 minutes with time for questions and photos with beekeeping clothing and equipment.

$10 per child or a minimum charge of $250 + GST, whichever is greater. 

Hear what educators are saying...

"John was very professional, with a wealth of knowledge when it came to sharing with the children about the importance of bees and beekeeping. His creative and interactive set up were inviting and engaging for the children. The families have shared that their children couldn’t stop talking about John and his bees! We highly recommend John’s bee talk as it provides children a wonderful learning platform to understand bees, and to appreciate the important job they have on Earth." 

Ada Chan, Assistant Director, Bambini House Early Childhood Centre

Primary School Program

The Primary School Program covers the basics of bees and beekeeping but goes deeper into discussions around sustainability and the environment. We look at why bees are important, their role in the ecosystem, commercial beekeeping, and what can be done to help make an impact to save the bees. 

The Primary School Program includes a choice of one of two hands on activities the help reinforce some of the key learning outcomes. 

Option 1 - Honey harvesting experience

Students will get to experience a real honey extraction while learning about the honey making process. We'll supply two frames of raw honey which will be uncapped and spun in a clear extractor so the students can observe the honey spinning out of the honeycomb. We then filter and jar the honey for the students to take home. 

Option 2 - Beeswax wrap making experience

Students learn how beeswax is made and used by bees. They will then get to make their very own beeswax wrap to help reduce single use plastics and understand the importance of sustainability.  

The Primary School Program sessions last for approximately 1 hour. All materials and equipment as well as take home items are included in the fee.

$15 per child or a minimum charge of $300 + GST, whichever is greater.  

We also install and maintain beehives for schools. Get in touch to discuss how you can bring bees to your campus and make an impact!

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