3 Ways Bees Can Help Your Organisation

There's a growing movement for organisations wanting to align themselves with bees. Organisations have recognised the incredible utility value that bees can provide in making a tangible impact across multiple areas across their business. 

Here's 3 of our favourite ways bees can help your organisation. 

1. Bees bring your sustainability initiatives to life  

Corporate sustainability is no longer a "nice to have". Organisations are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate tangible initiatives to meet sustainability targets. Stakeholders across all levels now look at organisations to see how they are making a direct positive impact on the environment.

Many sustainability initiatives are often invisible and largely go unnoticed. Bees are a practical way to bring your sustainability initiatives to life and are guaranteed to create a buzz amongst your staff, stakeholders and broader community.

Aligning your organisation with bees demonstrates your commitment to sustainability in a unique, meaningful and rewarding way. You'll be making a tangible impact on the environment by bringing pollinators back to urban areas and raising awareness of the declining population of pollinators which are critical to our ecosystem, biodiversity and food security.

It will help support and amplify other sustainability initiatives that your organisation is already undertaking making it truly one of the most integrated and rewarding initiatives you can undertake. 

2. Bees create a connected community

Bees strengthen a community's connection to nature and the environment. They spark a natural curiosity which unites the community with a purpose and mission. Bees helps create workplaces where people are proud and happy to work with a positive focus not only on the environment but the overall health and wellness of its community.

Honey is the ultimate ingredient for engagement and creates endless opportunities for collaboration within your organisation as well as in the broader community. Guided hive tours, honey harvesting experiences as well as educational workshops provide a meaningful platform for participants to grow both personally and professionally and leave them wanting to make a positive impact.  

3. Bees make your organisation part of something bigger

By making bees part of your workplace, you are joining a global movement to help save the bees. Bees help highlight bigger sustainability and environmental issues and challenges. Bees are the catalyst for change and positive action. They inspire people and organisations to do better and do more for the environment and its people.

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals provide a critical framework to transform our world into the future. The 11th goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities highlights the need for sustainable cities and development. Bees help contribute to urban biodiversity and regeneration of urban habitats to support sustainable cities and development. Bees also thrive in urban areas so why not turn a grey space into a green space with a beehive and rooftop garden!

Learn more about our Corporate Beekeeping Program or get in touch to start a conversation about how you can bring your workplace to life through bees.