Yarno partners with Rooftop Bees

Leading microlearning platform, Yarno, has partnered with Rooftop Bees with the sponsorship of their very own beehive. 

Yarno is committed to making a difference. Their social corporate responsibility pledge is to support our environment and give back to the community. Two things we are super passionate about as well!

So when they approached Rooftop Bees looking for a unique initiative that would make a tangible impact to the environment as well as their team, bees were the perfect way to generate a buzz. 

The Corporate Beekeeping Program

Partnering with Rooftop Bees to support a beehive will allow the Yarno team to learn about the importance of bees through a series of facilitated workshops and experiences. The Corporate Beekeeping Program is the first of its kind in Sydney and aims to strengthen the connection between organisations, its people and the environment through bees. 

Being a fully remote business with no physical workplace to host bees, Yarno opted to sponsor their own hive to be hosted at one of our apiary sites. We set about customising their very own Yarno beehive in regal green with their corporate branding. The big reveal took place as a virtual live event connecting their team across Sydney to the apiary located in Duffy's Forest on the edge of the Kur-ring-gai Chase National Park. 

Over the course of the Program, the Yarno team will receive regular updates on their hive, take part in a series of hands on workshops and experiences which aim to form a closer connection to our pollinators and increase their awareness of sustainability practises more broadly. 

Yarno hive bees


The sweet benefits of honey

A worker bee makes just 1/8 of a teaspoon of honey in its entire life and a beehive can produce upwards of 50kgs of honey per year. We take care of harvesting and jarring the precious honey produced by the bees which is 100% Yarno's to keep. The branded honey jars will be used for team building exercises, corporate gifting and showcased via regular updates across their various communication channels.

Yarno Beehive Honey


Making an impact

Bees provide a critical platform for generating awareness, excitement, and interest from various stakeholders. For Yarno, it's a fantastic way to demonstrate their commitment to the environment whilst powering a unique and meaningful program of engagements for their team members to help them grow both individually and professionally. 

You can learn more about our Corporate Beekeeping Program here.  

About Yarno

Yarno is mobile-based learning software for the modern worker - using microlearning and gamification to make the learning stick – in the form of a 3 minute daily quiz. It is accessible from any device. Anywhere, anytime.

Microlearning is bite-sized chunks of knowledge, delivered at the most crucial points in the learning process. Gamification incentivises and sustains engagement by promoting friendly competition and rewarding learners.

And Yarno isn’t just a web app – it provides full learning consultancy for customers by developing content and strategy that encourages meaningful behaviour change and embeds quality knowledge.